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By the way, one of the items she refuses to return is my son\'s only winter jacket. Most of our family lives up north, and winter is fast approaching. Why allow an innocent child to freeze because of a conflict with his parent?

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This company worked for me for over 2 years, providing oragnizing, housekeeping, pet and house sitting. Over the years there were instances when things were broken or missing but she refused to take responsibility for them; however this summer there were large expenses incurred as a result of her allowing my dogs to urinate all over my carpets as well as landscaping that died for her failure to contact sprinkler repair in a timely manner as instructed, or to hand water. Also her website claims she will supervise contractors but her failure to do so resulted in paint splattered all over my driveway.

Anyway even with all this I planned to pay her but the bill was very large so I asked for TIME, a payment plan or a settlement. I am a disabled widow on a fixed income. The owner, Kathryn Fagan, became very angry and sent me several abusive emails and text messages before agreeing to a settlement by email, which she subsequently failed to honor. She also had her husband call and threaten me in the middle of the night, and posted slanderous and untrue statements on my facebook page for all to see, violating her own policy of "respect for privacy" which she touts on her website.

Perhaps worst of all, she possesses items of mine which she refuses to return although on 5 separate occasions she promised to do so, always in exchange for money. The first 2 times, I actually paid her ($700 x 2) although the items were not returned. Then I had to sell my son's car to get the rest of the money she demanded but she refused to show up with my items.

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Kathryn Fagan says, "I question a person who has nothing but time to surf the internet and file complaints about another person (company) just because the choose to be vindictive." Now THAT is funny!!She is a business owner, that just so happened to find the complaint against her by accident, (so she says.) I am impartial - I know neither party, However, I believe the customer/client.

I have seen the complaints of "crazy" people, and hers is not written like one. Now, Ms Fagan's responses on the other hand ~ oh my! She never quite responds to the actual complaint (items not returned) and at one point she does get personal when discussing the customer/client's lifestyle and spending habits.

Which, IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS!Her business, is her business, perhaps she should pay more attention to it!

to Roberta Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1076499

why would you comment on a situation you know nothing about?Just because this woman is intellectual does not mean she is perfect.

She did not want to pay!! She told me that right after she returned form a 5 week trip to Europe, but had no money to pay for the house cleaning, pet sitting etc. So YES, i mentioned that. I am a working person simply wanting to be paid for services rendered.

The "items not returned" was a bag of clothes she sent to goodwill then wanted me to get them back!!

GEEZ!Thanks for understanding that!


I have some good news to report! After 5 months of waiting, in addition to contacting several consumer advocacy groups, one of these groups was able to convince Kathryn Fagan Enterprises to return my items (including my son's winter jacket, my tax receipts, and my now useless house keys!) A victory for consumer groups is always a win!! :)

Unfortunately, Ms. Fagan herself seems undeterred in her efforts to squeeze out every dime she feels she deserves, in full payment for services inadequately rendered. As she indicates in her comments, she insists on dragging me into court...and correctly states that I have hired an attorney. Since there is quite a bit of money at stake, I have chosen the least expensive option! Ms. Fagan seems blissfully unaware that her legal action caused me to have to choose, during the holiday season, between paying my mortgage or feeding my family. She still seems convinced that I have a "money tree" growing in my backyard, although the actual situation is quite the contrary. :sigh Of course, the judge may not care about this either....but he WILL take note of the fact that Ms. Fagan did agree to a settlement IN WRITING, and then failed to comply with the agreement! :eek

The saddest part of the whole situation, however, is one which I...

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P.S.teh widow on disability did not show up for small claims court but sent a lawyer!!!!

but cannot afford to pay for services rendered.

WOW!!!:? :eek

to kathrryn ***an #830476

Wow, were you drunk when you wrote this? You spelled your own first name wrong as well as the word "the." Not very professional in my opinion.

to Anonymous Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1076500

typo's have nothing to do with being professional "anonymous"


i am proud to say i have MANY wonderful clients that do pay their bills.I have character reference letters, i have references from clients i have worked for for over 15 years, That is what really counts.

One bad apples does not spoil the bunch. There will always be someone who wants to comaplain. Some people like to complain, especially when they have LOTS OF TIME to be mean and maipulative.


to kathryn ***an Tequesta, Florida, United States #830479

Kathryn, you seem completely unprofessional as well as extremely uneducated. Reread your comments and correct your numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes before posting them if you take your business seriously.

to Kat Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1076501

I fail to see how a typo or spelling mistakes makes you EXTREMELY unprofessional.That is very judgmental, no one is perfect!

This whole thing amounted to a woman who did not want to pay her bill. She does not work, lives on a trust fund and has lots of time to make trouble over nothing.

There is SO MUCH MORE to this story.Anyways, thanks for the opinion.


lies, lies, and more lies. Really sad how one can fabricate stories. I know i did my job. I cleaned and dog sat, now the "disabled widow" still won't pay. Kids go to private schools, sleep away camp, european vacations, cruises around the world, all while WE take care of her house. She can afford all that on disability. I only post the truth! I did ONE dinner for this client and ONE your bill.....perfect example of another client like you:::::THIS WAS POSTED TO PISSED CONSUMER ABOUT ANOTHER COMPANY LIKE SOMEONE FALSLY POSTED ABOUT ME. "Unethical behavior by out!" wrote one customer on, an online forum, in June. The customer railed against the Santa Monica, California -- based maker of fitness videos, claiming that it charged for something the customer didn't intend to order online. In the comment box, Tiana, a customer service representative from Beachbody, wrote, "I'm so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience." She left her contact information and added, "I would be glad to assist you and help to restore your faith in our company."



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